During the warmer months we run our PARC Sports Club, which takes place at the Centre on a Tuesday afternoon


Featuring a range of different sporting activities to get involved in, we're also promoting health and fitness to the children through team games and fun sporting activities.  


It's a fantastic way for children to make new friends, socialise and learn new skills, as the games that are played mean interacting with both our PARC staff as well as other children. 
















Some of our sports include: football, basketball and hockey, plus multi sports like ten pin bowling, tag, bowls and many more.  

All of these games give the children the chance to work as a team and also helps them to realise that participating in team games

is lots of fun!


Unlike other Sports Club everyone is a winner!  Additional needs children often find it difficult to grasp the concept of 'losing' so we promote this throughout the session.  All of these things aid to improve physical, intellectual and social needs.





A huge Thank You to our PARC Staff Members who helped kick start our Sports Club through fundraising efforts with their Rugby Team in Braintree.


Over £3000 was raised to help PARC with sport based activities!