While our usual weekly Under 5's timetable of clubs and activities takes a break during the Summer Holidays, we still provide a small amount of trips and workshops for the little ones and parents to take part in. This Summer, we were able to provide 4 key trips and workshops thanks to donations made.

 A Trip to the Beach

Included in these photos is Lewis from our Under 5's Group who has always had extreme sensory issues, but during this trip walked on the beach with his bare feet for the first time. Mum was convinced he wouldn't do it, but coming back up the beach he said (in his own little way) "I walk". He even had a little paddle in the sea!

 Sensory Swim Spa Trip

 Sally's Farm House Trip

 Train Themed Drama Workshop

All of our PARC staff, children and parents would like to say a big big THANK YOU to all who support our services, as without you we wouldn't be able to run any of the services that PARC provides to families in Essex.


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